What Is Image Hosting?

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Image hosting is a web hosting service that enables individuals or business corporations planning to create a website, to upload images thereon. The image web hosting providers basically store the images on their server and show different types of codes to their clients to allow their web visitors view these images.

Image hosting websites generally provide an upload interface that serves as a form wherein you mention the location of an image file on your computer system, using a Browse button. After you press the Submit button, the file gets uploaded onto the server of the image host. Many image hosts also allow you to indicate several files at the same time into this form, or you can even upload one Zip file that consists of several images. Besides, a few image hosts even allow users to have FTP access, such that either single or multiple files can be uploaded in one session with the help of FTP software, or a browser compatible with the FTP. This process enables the users to host their images on the hosts server, which means it then becomes available on web for public viewing.

Some image hosts also allow users to create inline links to the images being hosted, to embed them on other websites. This may include linking with HTML code and BBcode, and a clickable thumbnail which is linked to the full image. The hosts generally put restrictions on the maximum image size allowed, disk space or bandwidth allowed per user. Owing to more bandwidth costs, free web services offer significantly modest size limits for each image, in comparison to paid web services, but does allow its users to hotlink their images.

Image hosting also enables to create photo galleries with your images, or for easy viewing, add them to a slideshow. Image hosts offer advanced tools that automatically resize the images into the user-selected size. Free image hosting is mostly plastered with too many advertisements that consume more bandwidth. Paid services can offer better storage space and features comparatively, while users are also provided with password-protected photo albums, customised subdomains and customised skins/themes.

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What Is Image Hosting?

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This article was published on 2011/02/05