Tips to Disable Gmail's Automatic Image Loading for Enhanced Privacy

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The leading search engine Google strives to introduce new products and features that can cater to the requirements of users precisely, located across the globe. The search giant employs thousands of engineers, designers, developers and other professionals, to come up with a product that is more advanced and has the potential to take your expectations to another level. E-mails are one of the prime communication modes, when it comes to sending formal letters, notifications and information to others. Gmail, one of the products by Google Inc, serves as an excellent mail client for exchanging business as well as personal mails on a continuous basis.

Gmail is excellently serving its users with conversational views for e-mails, arranging the messages by threads, search toolbar while looking for a particular e-mail and many others. Over the years, Gmail has incorporated a lot of options and controls that have made the user experience (UI) more delightful and user-friendly. Pop-up technique in e-mail handling, user protection and introducing new security features appears to be on the top of the priority list followed by the company.

In this article, you will read about the tips that can help you to disable Gmail’s automatic image loading feature:

Why there is a need of privacy?

Google has introduced a new feature - automatic image loading in Gmail, which saves your time that a typical image takes to get loaded. It has reduced the burden of clicking and opening the image, but on the other hand, it makes the e-mails to load slowly and may also leave your privacy at stake. Several addresses incorporated in your Gmail’s address book may send you mails that are carrying some personal images. Opening images on a network that is managed by administrators may be a bit risky and may result in unfavorable circumstances.

The idea behind disabling the automatic image loading feature is to safeguard your privacy and restrict unnecessary user access to it. One of the major drawbacks of this feature is that malware authors can easily track you and your interests, once your account has been hijacked. A research also revealed that automatic image loading also serves as a platform for marketers to understand user behavior and interests. However, as per Google, they have made it even more difficult for marketers to track e-mail openings. The searching giant states that studying behavior patterns of users is not possible as the image gets loaded from Google servers, in spite of being loaded from the individual marketer server.

So, basically the marketers can access the details of Google servers, which don’t reveal any information about the user and its activities. It somehow means that Google is now, officially keeping a track of all your Gmail images into their servers. The automatic image loading feature can also consume your bandwidth and increase the time of e-mail loading that may leave you annoying and frustrated. Sooner or later, you will be ready for adopting this disabling feature in order to safeguard your privacy because no one wants their personal stuff to be visible to others.

If you’ve realized the importance of disabling this feature, then here is how you can disable Gmail automatic image loading feature.

Step1. Log-in to your Gmail account using a username and password. Click on the little gear icon located on the top-right side of the mail page and select ‘Settings’ option from the dropdown menu.

Step2. The selection will take you to the ‘General Settings’ window of your Gmail account, where you need to look for the ‘Image’ section. Click on the ‘Ask before displaying external images’ option button and click on ‘Save changes,’ located at the bottom of the page.

Step3. Once the changes are saved, you’re done!

That's all you need to do to prevent images from being automatically displayed in your Gmail’s Inbox.  Getting a message at the top stated ‘Images are not displayed’ is the easiest way to notice that whether the changes made by you are saved or not. This change will only be adopted for the externally loaded images, however, the e-mails you receive from your friends and family with attached images will still display them online.

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Tips to Disable Gmail's Automatic Image Loading for Enhanced Privacy

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This article was published on 2014/01/09