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Nail stamp plates are important item anytime youre working with nail stamping method. The more image plates you've got, the more layouts you may provide to your clients. At the moment, there are more than 70 unique Konad plates available with extra being released on a regular basis. Generally, every image plate will have 4 To 8 different patterns hence effectively youre getting numerous patterns on every image plate.

Bear in mind that you can find replica nail image plates floating the market - cheap, inferior quality illegal copies made by Far east suppliers. How to understand youre receiving legitimate Konad image plate?

>>> Genuine Konad image plates are going to have Konad company engraved on every single image plate;

>>> Authentic Konad image plates are available in exclusive packaging;

>>> Konad plates are created from stainless steel, not cheap, rough steel;

>>> Youll discover Konad hologram outside of the special packaging;

>>> Layout patterns on image plates should be with clean edges;

Despite the fact that stamping plates arent low cost, treat them as an investment in your nail business - youll apply each image plate repeatedly for countless years to come! By adding just few new image plates to your collection each and every month, very soon youll own an amazing collection of image plates worth countless design and style variations! Im certain your clients will greatly value that!

Remember: before using an image plate, make certain its perfectly clean. The simplest way to accomplish this is to clean up them just before every use with acetone or another cleansing fluid. Furthermore, ensure plate dries out totally before you apply special nail polish.

You can find fantastic beginner Konad packages that contains probably the most widely used image plates however if youre really into nail art stamping, youll need to buy additional image plates on their own. Styles include basic blossoms to special The holiday season, asian and Halloween night concepts! Im sure youll find something suitable in more than 80 image plate array.

Konad labels every plate with a letter M following with a number (example of this: M38, M42 etc.) so you always know precisely which image plates you have on hand, just by looking at that unique image plate Identification.

Thanks to laser beam engraving technological know-how, Konad image plates offers excellent, fast nail art layouts, utilizing a straightforward nail stamping system. Were referring to layouts you would never be able to draw manually! And all it will require is an image plate, special nail polish, stamper & scraper set as well as couple of seconds of your time!

Konad has truly transformed the way in which nail artists produce really delicate & tiny nail art styles! Now its your time to get on this bandwagon by getting your own Konad beginner set! For those who have one already, ensure that you stock up on additional Konad original image plates!
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Konad Plates - Tips & Tricks

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This article was published on 2011/03/30