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The goal with any image enhancement project is to improve the quality of the image for viewers, and while there is no theory that separates good image enhancement from bad, here at Outsource Infotech, we use a unique process to ensure you get excellent quality every time you use our services.

Our services start with image enhancement as a pre-processing tool. Consider it a starting point for all of our other image processing techniques. From here on we employ quantitative measures to determine the most appropriate technique to meet your individual needs.

Outsource Infotech offers a wide range of services at highly cost effective prices. Here are just a few of the services we offer:

* Changing the background
* Lightening or darkening an area
* Adding text
* Correcting the density
* Image cropping,
* Red eye removal
* Removal of dust and stray scratches Adjusting contrast or brightness
* Skin enhancement techniques
* Advanced Photoshop-style inserts

Making a photograph appear like how you imagined has never been more convenient than it is with Outsource Infotech, and for every photo you send us, we will offer you the real results you demand and continuously exceed your expectations.

Every photographer dreams of capturing that perfect image, but whether it is a lighting issue or the weather outside which is not conducive, attaining that goal is not always possible. Fortunately, Outsource Infotech is here to help. With the ability to provide impeccable, flawless photos, every shot you send us with have that perfect quality you have been looking for and achieving the WOW Effect.

Contacting Outsource Infotech means your images will be transformed, thanks to our innovative and certified team of Graphic analysts and specialists. Using the latest image enhancement techniques in the market today, we will give your images a professional touch. We have worked on a variety of projects, and whilst each is different, high quality results are always the outcome. It is this wide-ranging experience that gives us the ability to take care of all of your image enhancement needs.

Image Retouching

Image retouching is one of the prime categories of image enhancement, and at Outsource Infotech, it is become our Passion as well as specialty.

Our image retouching services includes Color correction, Background cloning or Change and cleaning, sharpening and restoring color. Outsource Infotech also has the expertise to deal with complex image composition and manipulation with retouching, enhancing and correcting in order to meet your needs.

Density & Color Correction

In order to be Perfect, a photograph has to have all of the ideal proportions of brightness, color and contrast. We use various techniques to restore, balance and correct every factor of the image like contrast, color or brightness.

Our experts can transform your photographs by adding or enhancing color, adjusting brightness or contrast, restoring color in old photographs, correcting color saturation, poor lighting or over exposure. Balancing hues, correcting distortions and adding a perspective is also possible in order to give your old images a glossy makeover.

Conversion of Raw Images

It is definitely every photographers dream to capture everything that happens at any event, but this is often a difficult task. Before you know it, the moment vanishes, and the chance of a perfect shot is wasted. The conversion of these raw images into brilliant ones is difficult however our professional team of digital analyst and specialists at Outsource Infotech ensure you get high quality images within the specified time frames.

Photo Restoration Services

Old photographs are treasured keepsakes, and preserving them can be arduous. We can help by converting old and damaged images into new, glossy prints.

Our Professionals work with images that have been damaged by age, dirt or even chemicals. We will negate small shakes or bad lighting affect the beauty of your photographs and work on such images to achieve awesome results.

We can even add color to your black and white photos. Additionally, we adjust the color level, check the brightness, sharpness ,contrast and other factors in order to make your photograph flawless.

Image Vector Services

Vector images are in great demand today due to their advantages. The primary advantage is that vector images do not lose their clarity, no matter how they large they are scaled, so they are gaining importance in the world of logo design and portraits.

At Outsource Infotech, we can convert your raster images into vector images keeping quality and your schedule in mind. The team at Outsource Infotech has the experience necessary to give you amazing results. We provide services ranging from vectorization of maps, photographs and logos to caricatures, paintings and designs.

Looking for a way to save a bit of time and effort? Outsource Infotech can help. Contact us today.

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Image Editing Services

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This article was published on 2010/10/24