How To Power Up Your Image

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I think most people will notice this question , and want to know how to power up your image very much.
Business is a game, somewhere between war and sport. Just as the best sports equipment can give an athlete the competitive edge, a crisp businesslike image can work to help you get the job you want as well as gain you promotions and raises.
There are many things in life that we have no control over. One thing you can take charge of is your image; you actually have a monopoly on it. Avoid the pitfalls of a harried image with these tips:

De-stress Your Image: Power Up to Get Ahead

1. Attract, don't distract. Look businesslike, yet stylish, not boring like a corporate filing cabinet. Wear a fashionable suit or dressy tailored separates that appear as a well-coordinated outfit. A tailored jacket, one that fits you well, is the essential power garment to any separates outfit, even a casual one.
2. Wear Winning Armor. Long sleeves are essential to a take-me-serious look. We've already discussed the power of a tailored jacket. It's your armor. But if dealing with a more casual situation, wear long sleeves. Bare arms target you for sharks or cause you to be discounted. Sleeveless garments worn in the workplace mark a woman as a socialite, not a serious businesswoman. Short-sleeve shirts worn for business relegate a man to the second string.
3. Look Successful. A successful image attracts greater success. And success leaves clues in your physical image. Buy the best quality garments and accessories that you can afford. Have goals to get ahead and work them by dressing for the job you want, not the one you have.
4. Exude Confidence. Stand tall, with your shoulders back. To be perceived as confident, women must wear tastefully applied makeup. In our society, well-applied makeup conveys high self-esteem and confidence. It says that you pay attention to details. Women who consistently wear tastefully applied makeup earn 20 to 30% higher incomes. For both men and women, be sure to finish your face with a smile.
5. Breathe powerfully. Accumulated stress shows in your body via your breathing. The more stressed you are, the more you tend to breathe shallowly. Take several time outs each day to do power breathing exercises. Let your mind go, and breathe in and out - from your lower abdomen - for three full minutes at a time. Then watch your energy be revitalized.

It pays. Take control.Go that extra image mile. De-stress and power up your nonverbal communication today. Maintain your image consistently and watch your ability to command respect and your income potential soar.
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How To Power Up Your Image

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This article was published on 2010/11/04