Cultivate Your Rockstar Image

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Tabloids and blogger sites are filled with pictures of our favorite celebrities. Especially, rock stars. But they're not all pictures of these people performing, they're pictures of what they're wearing, what bag they're carrying, what restaurant they're eating at. Rockstars cultivate an image that appeals to their fan base. Yes, they are real people, but they make image choices very carefully to attract the fan base that they want.

Why Aren't You Cultivating Your Image?

You need to start cultivating your image for your fan base. High end brides want to work with high end wedding planners. So you need to start cultivating your image to attract the brides that you want.

Think about rockstars like Kylie Minogue. She glams herself up, dresses like a party diva to attract those into the club scene. Gwen Stefani is always dressed perfectly but with her own unique flare (because she knows that's what her fan base is into). Imagine that every time you're leaving your house you're going to be photographed like these people. What difference would that make in the way you present yourself?

Do They Really Care?

I can tell you honestly that brides judge you and your services on their first impression. They are inundated with "wedding stuff" as you well know and they are going to go with what attracts them the most.

When you make a shift in your image, and cultivate it and your company's branding towards a specific type of high end bride you'll see big results.

Their first impression of you is definitely your website so take a look at it again and say to yourself "is this really showing brides the best image of my company?" Also do a google search on yourself and see what's coming up. That's another thing a bride will do when she's looking at using your services. She wants to know who she's working with.

And are you on Facebook? Well if you are, she's going to find you there, so protect your online image and make sure that any pictures or comments made are what you'd want your bride to be looking at. Because... she's looking.

Rockstar Wedding Planner Advice

Stop dying your hair with a grocery store box, toss out your ratty old purse, buy some new shoes and some great suits and really rev up your image. If you're going for the high end bride then you need to be high end yourself. But don't lose your personality.

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Cultivate Your Rockstar Image

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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